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Backcountry ski touring in NZ now happening

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By , September 19, 2013 4:38 pm

Climbing in Europe is behind us for another year and one of the last weeks there, mountain guide Gaz was out with friend and colleague Steve Jones on the Matterhorn, part of a team on a filmed documentary climb. Here, pictures of a helicopter near the famous peak and hut and Jamie training for his special summit, with camera man Keith, the Trient glacier providing the perfect background, (photos are by Brian Hall, prof. IFMGA mountain guide).

mountaineering, a passion for life

Jamie filmed by Keith with the Trient glacier in the back ground

on a guided climb of the Matterhorn

action flying near the famous peak

guided climb of Matterhorn

Helicopter action near the Matterhorn

Ski touring conditions are good after the recent wild storms on the South Island and plenty of snow fall in the back country of the Southern Alps. Excellent for the New Zealand ski touring missions during the next couple of months. Barely over jet lag, but we had to take the opportunity with blue skies and a fresh covering of white gold to put on ski touring gear for a bit of back country fun. The last week has been fabulous and there was more action on the ski field for Iris while Gary is teaching rope rescue techniques. Get in touch for a ski touring adventure just for you and your team.

Alpinism Adventures from Wanaka

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By , September 11, 2013 7:26 am
Alpinism home base

Wanaka base of Alpinism & Ski

Back in Wanaka, fresh snow has arrived with our return and all around it is as beautiful as ever. The first ski day for Iris has come and gone and chief mountain guide Gaz is preparing for a week of rope rescue course with the experts of the industry. As the present storm goes through, we are catching up with the latest Climber, Forest & Bird and Fish & Game mags. In Wanaka, the Wanakafest addicts are already busy preparing for the event late October, (24-27th) should you have spare time and/or cash to help, get in touch through

Ski touring is on our immediate alpinism activity menu and so are the soft recreational trekking excursions. Just ask if you are interested.

Ski Touring in New Zealand’s Southern Alps

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By , August 15, 2013 2:02 am
ski touring with a mountain guide

Glorious moments while ski touring

Mid way through August and just a couple of weeks left for climbing in Europe before the Alpinism & Ski team is heading back to New Zealand for ski touring adventures in the Southern Alps. We have heard that not too much of the white gold has been accumulating over the last few weeks but don’t despair. It is very common – at least during the last few years – that snow is arriving with our return. Keep up the fitness sessions to get out and play in the glorious Wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island. We do have mountain guides available for end of September as well as all Continue reading 'Ski Touring in New Zealand’s Southern Alps'»

More climbing and climbing instruction in Switzerland, Europe

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By , July 30, 2013 5:42 am
Alpinism adventures, Leysin, Switzerland

On a rock climbing excursion near Leysin

Only a couple of days left this month and the Swiss National day on first of August will bring fireworks aplenty. There are many keen hikers and mountaineers very dedicated to create a bonfire on just about all the mountain tops. Heavy loads of wood have to be carried up hill along with yummy picnics and appropriate beverages to celebrate the occasion. While party mode is happening for many, climbing and mountaineering fun continues for others and mountain guide Gaz has started this week with Jim on a multi pitch route in Valais. High alpine climbing is on the program for the rest of the week, starting today at the cabane des Dix in the Swiss Alps. Continue reading 'More climbing and climbing instruction in Switzerland, Europe'»

Climbing in Europe, climbing course in Switzerland

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By , July 26, 2013 9:49 pm
Alpine Flora in Switzerland

Climbing in Europe, many colorful views

The month of July in the Swiss Alps has been absolutely fabulous with lots of sunshine but with the appropriate amount of rain, often during the night, for mother nature. Gary is presently on the third climbing course in Switzerland. Coming week he’ll be on an alpinism trip with Jim from Australia. Jim’s flexibility is a great bonus in terms of choosing the best possible locations with regard to weather forecasts.

We have had some excellent rock climbing adventures during the middle of the month, first at the Wandfluh/ Gastlosen then moving on to the Grimsel. Continue reading 'Climbing in Europe, climbing course in Switzerland'»

Alpinism adventures, from ski touring to rock climbing

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By , July 13, 2013 2:06 am
Mountain Guiding NZ

Winter views from the Alpinism & Ski base in Wanaka

A month has flown by and the change from ski touring in New Zealand into the Northern summer season and mountain guiding in the Swiss Alps has gone smoothly. The long winter here has left many places with lots of snow which is excellent for mountaineering addicts, especially on glaciated terrain. Because of the everlasting snow falls during Spring, the awesome and colorful flora is still displaying many more beauties than usual during this time of the year. Gary was with James at the Dix hut last week to climb Mont Blanc de Cheillon. Continue reading 'Alpinism adventures, from ski touring to rock climbing'»

Ski Touring in New Zealand

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By , June 10, 2013 7:32 pm
back country ski touring in NZ

Ski touring from Murcheson hut, see the rock avalanche on the left

As we are packing up for a couple of months of summer mountaineering in Europe, ski touring and back country snow boarding adventurers in the Southern Alps are getting ready for the 2013 season and most likely some hardy souls are at it already.

Ourselves will be ready for it, Ski Touring in New Zealand that is, from 10th September onwards. However, if you want our help before then for putting together your dream trip in the Southern Alps, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fixing dates is always a good start.

More photos of this particular ski touring adventure :

Alpine hut in New Zealand

Ski touring : upon arrival, some snow shoveling to get into the hut

guided ski touring in nz

ski touring in the Southern Alps

guided ski tour in nz

Fantastic views over the Southern Alps on NZ while on a ski tour lunch break

backcountry ski touring in NZ

Team players: Geoff, John, Phil and Bill & mountain guide Gary Dickson

back country hut for ski touring in NZ

Sking back down to Murcheson hut

guided ski touring in nz

escaping the avalanche, no, but lucky they did not have to








Avalanche course in New Zealand

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By , May 26, 2013 2:23 pm

Fresh snow is visible on Treble Cone – good for the winter vibes of everybody looking forward to play in the snow coming winter. Autumn leaves are still being blown around and chief mountain guide Gaz today is going zen with his chain saw.

The Avalanche Course in NZ price for Sept/Oct. 2013 has been set and here are the details:

  • 3 field days visiting the back country areas near Wanaka
  • theory sessions include: mountain weather, snow physics and pack assessment, hazard evaluation and forecasting as well as avalanche search and rescue techniques and equipment
  • based at the luxury hut /humble lodge of Alpinism and Ski in Wanaka, enjoy a sauna after a day of instruction out in the back country
  • Price one person NZ $ 2960, two or more $ 1625 per person

Included in the price are guide fee, accommodation for 2 nights incl. dinner, lunch and breakfast, local transport and a one day back country lift pass at TC. More here or email us for more details

Ski Touring in New Zealand

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By , April 16, 2013 2:15 pm
Ski Touring in New Zealand

Alpinism & Ski Wanaka – ski touring from Centennial hut

As autumn colors are getting better and better, the alpinism summer season is winding down and not long and the ski touring season here in New Zealand will start up again. The first inquiry has arrived which reminded us of some dates to organise. Alpinism & Ski will start late winter activities from 10th September this year, as we are on again for climbing and mountaineering in the Northern Hemisphere during July and August. Don’t hesitate to get in touch early to slot in your favorite dates for the grandiose sport of back country ski touring in New Zealand. But for now, we wish you excellent autumn times. Here in Wanaka, the Festival of Color with arty activities and shows is on this week, if you are here enjoy, if you are not, consider coming next year, it’s worth it and if you are really art inspired, you can join the autumn art school.. more about ski touring and mountaineering again soon.

Technical Mountaineering: instruction and special training courses

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By , April 8, 2013 1:55 pm

The mulit-pitch rock climbing excursion mentioned earlier in the Southern Alps was just part of the whole picture. It was followed up by some ice climbing and more training of technical mountaineering skills last week at Fox Glacier, this time with Emma also part of the team:

special mountaineering training

Ice climbing on Fox Glacier

ice climbing in NZ

Not a bad day in the office

Presently, the chief is on a workshop in Mt Cook to keep up and refresh with expertise in his field(s) but a few more shots from the Fox Glacier mission where a couple of days were spent on the ice:








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