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Climbing Mount Cook with a mountain guide

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By , January 10, 2013 2:34 pm
guided climb of Mt Cook

Panorama on a guided climb of Mt Cook

From the December ascents trip we have received some photos: Peter’s guided climb of New Zealand’s highest mountain with Gary Dickson in person. We are allowed to share them here:

guided climb of Mt Cook

A beautiful day for the climb of NZ's highest

Alpinism at it's best

two climbers in the distance

Ascent of Mt Cook Aoraki

Fabulous views of the Southern Alps

Mid December is an excellent time for a trip up to Mt Cook – Aoraki, as the Linda Glacier Route is often still in good condition. A weather front potentially holding them back for a day, disappeared faster then expected and on the 11th Peter and Gary were the only climbers on that day to climb Mt Cook up the Linda, a very special feeling and an extra treat according to our guest.

IFMGA qualified mountain guide

Gary Dickson, chief of Alpinism & Ski

Alpine climbing in New Zealand

still climbing up towards the top, 3754 m

Aoraki Mt Cook climb

The summit is near

Thanks Peter, both for coming and for the photos, best wishes for many good adventures in 2013!

Mt Cook-Aoraki

The Must-have-Shot

IFMGA mountain guide Gary Dickson on Mt Cook Dec. 2012

mountain guide Gary Dickson

Mountain hut in NZ

Plateau hut, an awe inspiring location

Mount Cook summit success

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By , December 6, 2009 11:55 am
Phil, Bill and guide sean on the summit of Mt Cook 3754m

Phil, Bill and guide Sean on the summit of Mt Cook 3754m

Phil on New Zealands highest - a very happy climber!

Phil on New Zealands highest - a very happy climber!

Approaching the summit rocks early morning

Approaching the summit rocks early morning

4th Decemeber 2009 was a memorable day for Phil and Bill. A fantastic day of blue sky and cold conditions was perfect for their Mt Cook summit.  Well done lads Рjust reward for all the hard hours spent training for this special adventure.

Mount Cook/Aoraki, the highest mountain in New Zealand

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By , November 27, 2009 5:27 pm
Mount Cook, NewZealand

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Press release Friday 4th December: a very happy day for Wanaka locals having climbed to the top of Mt Cook. Our distinguished and honored returning mountaineering guests Phil and Bill have successfully been to the top of Mt Cook with  IFMGA guides Sean and Gaz.

Both Phil and Bill have been putting in the hard yards to be as fit as necessary for the demanding ascent – it was up to the weather gods to give a reasonable window for the 4some to get in, acclimatize, climb and then get out… tomorrow. A full moon and no wind, we promise more details soon – looking forward to hear them myself.

Good luck fellas.. that’s for the trip home now

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