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Guided trekking from Wanaka, New Zealand – #gigatownwanaka

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By , December 18, 2013 7:31 pm
hiking to Pakituhi hut

Lake Hawea views

We are so lucky that there is such an amazing number of excellent hikes in the area. One of them takes you up to Pakituhi hut, high above lake Hawea. It is steep but rewarding with fantastic scenery. The flora is pretty special too and yesterday even the temperature was perfect for Lorraine and Iris.

While we are keeping busy with hiking, walking and trekking in the Wanaka area, mountain guide Gaz is based in an alpine hut in Westland National Park with a team of four mountaineers who are learning tricks and techniques for alpine climbing.

And Wanaka, that charming small town which is our home, is gearing up for a busy festive season. The buzz about #gigatownwanaka is of course still going on and feel free to give us your support.

Guided trekking excursions, guided hikes and walks from Wanaka

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By , September 25, 2013 4:57 pm
guided half day walks Wanaka

lake Wanaka from the summit of Rocky Crop, Diamond lake loop track

As the ski season is coming to an end, the trekking boots will replace the ski boots, though there might be a ski touring adventure still to be enjoyed. Spring is the time of newly appearing buds and flowers, cute little lambs and beautiful young cattle frolicking about. The Matukituki valley is the perfect place to observe them while driving up to the end of the road for a visit to Rob Roy glacier cirque, or about half way along for the stunning Diamond lake loop track. Great trips for bird watching, sightseeing and hiking. Inspired yet?

bird watching with Alpinism & Ski Wanaka

Native bird of NZ, the charming little Tomtit

Enjoying the views at lake Diamond

bird watching and sightseeing: part of  guided trekking

bird watching on a guided trek

Mountain parrot of the South Island of NZ




Guided walks and hiking

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By , February 25, 2012 2:09 pm
best half day walking excursion in Wanaka

Christy on a guided walk around lake Diamond loop track

trekking near the Motatapu valley

Hiking in native beech forest near Wanaka

Lake Alta, Remarkables

Brilliant scenery up in the Remarkables

February 2012 by Christy Thompson: ” Dear Iris, I am so glad I found you in the Lonely Planet. I thoroughly enjoyed our walks + talks together and the hikes and the education of the birds, plants and animals. I also really enjoyed staying at your home stay and all the fresh fruit and delicious sandwiches with avocado and brie. The next time I come to the Wanaka area I will let you know. Hopefully it will work out for Chamonix too!”


Alpinism in New Zealand – adventures in the Southern Alps

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By , January 31, 2012 1:40 pm

Safety is important out there. Here is a site about being SMART on adventures which is advertised by the Department of Conservation.  My thought: if you go out there and stay in mountain huts for your alpinism missions, be it alpine climbing, hiking or bird watching, you might as well give the local DoC office your intentions. At least that way there is an indication of how many people stay in the huts … a long subject, so be smart and stay safe.

Alpinism in New Zealand

Diamond lake Rocky Mountain 775 m altitude, views over lake Wanaka on a guided walk, 3-4 hrs return

Iris on personal Trekking, hiking, walking mission

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By , January 16, 2012 1:31 pm

This morning Iris headed   off with one other friend to do some personal trekking in the Greenstone/Caples/Steeple creek area.  The weather is perfect for 3 days, which is how long they expect to be out there.

Guided trekking , hiking or walks with Iris is the perfect way to enjoy time whilist staying in the Wanaka area. When Iris gets back from this personal trek, she’ll catch her breath as she has a person arriving for some guided trekking over a couple of days.

You can look forward to some photos of flora, fauna and classic Southern Alps landscapes in a few days.

trekking guide Iris

Come and enjoy the wealth of local knowledge trekking guide Iris knows

Trekking, hiking, walks – Wanaka area

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By , January 5, 2012 12:06 pm
tramping huts in NZ

Cameron hut and Mount Cook lillies - giant buttercup

Guided trek to Rob Roy glacier cirque

Magnificient views on the Rob Roy glacier track

Protected mountain parrots: Keas

Keas, welcoming you to Rob Roy glacier cirque

Beginning of January and the weather has been outstanding here for at least three weeks, fantastic for all sorts of walks and hiking adventures. Iris has been on her guided trekking excrusions to Rob Roy a couple of times and privately for personal recreation, hiking to Cameron hut and Breast Hill. For more recreation, the Alpinism & Ski team has climbed Sharks Tooth in the Matukituki valley with friends Gordy and Katrin. Also on the program a few sailing excursions on lake Wanaka, perfect alternative to the mountains. Want to join us for some fun? just ask!

Going up Shark's Tooth

Climbing up and up towards Shark's Tooth with brilliant views of Mt Rob Roy

Spring flowering in Wanaka – what you’d see right now.

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By , November 28, 2011 8:18 pm
Manuka annd Kanuka, tre tea

Manuka, one of the fine smelling native plants of NZ

Native plants along lake Wanaka shores

The purple Bladderwort is found along the lake edge in Wanaka

Wild Irishman or Matagouri

Native plant of NZ, Matagouri or Wild Irishman

Come on a guided trekking trip, hiking or guided walk  with us and you can see right now :

Panakenake and orchid flowers are appearing, ground covering daisies and the amazing vegetable sheep; dark, like wine colored pittosporum flowers have come and gone, also the fragrant Matagari or Wild Irishmen with the amazing thorns shows flowering buds.

We have another announcement with regard to our sustainable  business practices: the statement or policy is now available through our website from the home page at the very bottom or from the ‘about us‘ page. This sustainability statement is a growing document, thanks for your patience.

Guided walks, hiking and trekking from Wanaka

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By , November 25, 2011 3:32 pm
Beech forest Mt Aspiring Nat. Park

Glorious forest walk: Glacier Burn track

Mt Aspiring Nat. Park, Glacier Burn track
Mt Avalanche and avalanche glacier
Guided trekking from Wanaka

Avalanche Glacier seen from Glacier Burn track

From Wanaka, drive about an hour up the Matukituki valley, cross the first ford, then walk across the first swing bridge and along the valley floor up the Eastern branch. Pass the old homestead, then up the Glacier Burn. Another great day out in Mt Aspiring National Park and spring time is fabulous to watch these healthy farm animals with their young all along the valley. The forest is rich and beautiful, here some more photos

Tawhai, Nothofagus menziesii

Supposedly a 'false beech', this one just magic

guided bush walk, Glacier Burn

delicious water and delightful mosses

Fauna & Flora NZ, Kio kio

Kio kio, Blechnum capense, part of the edible native plants

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