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Flying into the mountains of NZ for Guided mountaineering ascents, alpine climbing, mountaineering instruction courses and ski touring trips. In New Zealand, we most often use aircraft access into the mountains

Aircraft used for Mountaineering in New Zealand

Most NZ mountaineering and ski touring parties with Alpinism and Ski Wanaka use a ski plane or helicopter to fly into the Southern Alps and when possible fly out as well.

However, it is not always possible to fly out, due to the changeable and vigorous nature of our New Zealand weather. Each trip goes in prepared to walk out. Flying out is a welcome bonus if it fits the trip's itinerary and the weather.

Why use aircraft for mountaineering and ski touring in NZ

Mountaineering and ski touring trips in NZ commonly use aircraft to gain access to mountaineering areas as this maximizes the time spent in the alpine world. On foot, this can take up to two days and involve carrying large, heavy packs filled with food for a week plus the climbing and/or ski touring kit. It is highly recommended to fly out also, again to maximize your precious time in the alpine zone. Last but not least, when you fly in, your legs are fresh for your climbing, mountaineering and ski touring adventure and so is the food.

Our guided mountaineering and ski touring parties wait for good weather in the mountains to arrive and then quickly, efficiently and painlessly fly in. If the weather is bad for flying in, time is spent rock climbing/scrambling, revising rope skills and/or relaxing at the Alpinism and Ski base.

Aircraft cost for alpinism adventures in NZ

Your New Zealand mountaineering and ski touring adventures with Alpinism and Ski Wanaka do not include the price of flights in or out of the mountains.

Prices of flights vary depending on the area flown in to (e.g. Mt Cook-Aoraki National park or Westland National park) as well as aircraft used. The rules and regulations governing these areas vary too. We can give estimates on application to help you with budgeting.

Alpinism and Ski is a New Zealand alpine climbing, mountaineering and ski guiding company, leaving the flying to the expert aviation companies. We have an excellent working relationship with them and do our best to get the most efficient and economical flight deals for your New Zealand alpinism adventures.

Alex from Aspiring Helicopters, Wanaka

An aircraft painting by Iris gone to a new home

Yes we fly - it's simply part of our Alpinism Adventures in New Zealand.

All NZ mountaineering courses and ascents with Gary Dickson aka Gaz, IFMGA/NZMGA mountain guide, are fly in and fly out too - ask us about an indication of current prices for flights, just call or email

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if you have any concerns about flying and being environment friendly, you may consider planting a tree or several:) here our environmental statement - or ask Iris about further sustainability matters.



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